A nice one on spelling

TEACHER: Glenn, how do you spell "crocodile?"


TEACHER: No, that's wrong

GLENN: No sir, you asked me how I spell it.

Somehow, sometimes I add an 'e' at the end of a word.

Today I was working on my site and witness there was an ‘e' to mush in the title of the page "The book: The Gifte of Dyslexia". I often do this, adding an "e" behind a word. Furthermore, it was not the first time I saw the title, but never witnessed the misspelling.

I had no idea why I do this. After some thinking I came to the following possibility: Maybe, because in the Dutch language, my mother language, sometimes you have to add an ‘e' behind certain words in certain use. Such as with "ander" (other) and "andere". I never quite understood why we need to add an ‘e', for me it's all the same. So I suspect; somewhere in the past, I put it my head "if some words need sometimes an ‘e' and because I don't quit known why and certainly not when, I just add them here and there. I think just to please the others, for those who know why we need an ‘e' in certain cases. In the long run I suspect I do it automatically by know.

I looked it up in the dictionary and found the following:

  • "Het andere boek" = a different book.
  • "Het ander boek" = the second book.

I think I have this one after all those years :-) Unfortunately, there are more of these cases; there is still a lot to learn. However, I never filed the need to look further in to this nor do I today, so I will leave the others cases for another time. Who knows I could become an expert ;-)

Have a nice day!

Wedding bells

 Today: wedding bells for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. The marriage takes place in Italy near Rome. Tom Cruise is one of the famous people with dyslexia. 

I did it again: writing "dyselxia"

Today Paul, my husband, noticed I had misspelled "dyselxia" instead of "dyslexia" on this site. I didn't understand. A few days ago I had found one myself and made a search on it to be sure I hadn't others mispelled somewhere else on the site. At that moment the search box came up with nothing. Now I suspect I made a search on yet another different spelling for dyslexia. Being dyslexic can be very confusing :-)

Lesson: next time, I will copy the word I want to search on so I'm sure I have the spelling I want.

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