Reads full pages of text at the push of a button

OrCam Read is a revolutionary handheld AI reader for people with reading difficulties, including dyslexia.

This tool can help you because it reads out loud the text that you select from a printed surface or digital screen. Enjoy the morning paper, read any book, and even read all that appears on your computer or smartphone screen.

Video how it works

My misspeak of the day

Today it our wedding anniversary, so we do a bit special, a bit out of our ordinary day.

While setting up our menu I asked Paul "Is there a bottle of Cava in the oven?" what I mind of course "in the refrigerator"frown 

Use your voice to write!

Google Chrome has a speech recognition tool to write emails and documents. More info.


Norwegian politician diagnosed with dyslexia at age 16

Another famous dyslexic a Norwegian politician Erna Solberg, was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 16.

Famous People:

Bite-sized Learning Could be Useful for Dyslexic, ADD and E learners

What is it and why it could work?

“Bite sized nuggets of content that are easy to consume, sometimes they're images or image-based, whose meaning can be grasped quickly. It's faster than reading.

Google search can help with spelling

Google can help you when you don't know the exact spelling of a word.

For example you are looking for the word "melanoma", but you don't know the exact spelling. Something with a 'm', an 'e' and 'a' that's all you know.

You know it has something to do with cancer and you can spell the word cancer.

So in the search box of Google you type the word "cancer".

Google gives suggestion in a drop down box, in the list you will recognize the word "melanoma".




If you can read the following paragraph, copy it and send it to your friends.

Only great minds can read this

This is weird, but interesting!

fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid

Live is to short to worry about "i" or an "I" !


Hurd just something on which (I think) a lot of dyslexics while agree on in the "BBC Click" program.

The phrase "he does not use capital letters to define his punctuation. So get over it. Life is too short to worry about these things." Very good said why bother white an "i"or an "I" while in the meanwhile so much is happing in the world.

Kate Russel presents Webscape and inform us about interesting websites and speaks about the web blog Deputy Dog.

Q&A interview with Sherrilyn Kenyon / Kinley MacGregor

Sherrilyn Kenyon interview on being a writer and dyslexic

20 December 2007

Famous People:

Kinely MacGregor newest book "The Warrior"

The Warrior by Kinely MacGregor

Book Description

Lochlan MacAllister was born to lead. Ruthlessly groomed to take control of his clan, he has given his life to his people. But when he learns that the brother he thought was dead might still be alive, he embarks on a quest to find the truth.

Famous People:


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