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He taught me it was ok to be who I really was!

I met Richard J. Schock yesterday via e-mail. He suggested putting Kurt Cobain on the list of famous people; because Kurt Cobain was a great example for him. So we decided to put his sorry "Why Kurt Cobain was a great help to him" on the website and hope this will be an inspiration to you too.

The movie "Expresso" goes to the film festival of Cannes!

The film "EXPRESSO" by Kevin Powis and Martin Nigel Davey goes to the Festival de Cannes the 16th - 27th May 2007.

Martin Nigel Davey is one of the famous dyslexics, he is an actor and writer.

Elk kind moet zorg op maat krijgen in onderwijs

30/03/07 "De Vlaamse regering heeft een akkoord bereikt over een nieuw systeem van zorg voor leerlingen met een handicap, een leer- of gedragsstoornis. Wie een zinvol aanbod kan krijgen in het gewone onderwijs, moet daar ook terechtkunnen." vrtnieuws

Hopelijk kan men dit waarmaken. Ik denk dat het voor een grootdeel afhankelijk is van de mentaliteit van de scholen.




Every child has talents to nurture

I can acorss this article today (Feb. 08 2007).


A nice one on spelling

TEACHER: Glenn, how do you spell "crocodile?"


TEACHER: No, that's wrong

GLENN: No sir, you asked me how I spell it.

Somehow, sometimes I add an 'e' at the end of a word.

Today I was working on my site and witness there was an ‘e' to mush in the title of the page "The book: The Gifte of Dyslexia". I often do this, adding an "e" behind a word. Furthermore, it was not the first time I saw the title, but never witnessed the misspelling.

Wedding bells

 Today: wedding bells for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. The marriage takes place in Italy near Rome. Tom Cruise is one of the famous people with dyslexia. 

I did it again: writing "dyselxia"

Today Paul, my husband, noticed I had misspelled "dyselxia" instead of "dyslexia" on this site. I didn't understand. A few days ago I had found one myself and made a search on it to be sure I hadn't others mispelled somewhere else on the site. At that moment the search box came up with nothing. Now I suspect I made a search on yet another different spelling for dyslexia. Being dyslexic can be very confusing :-)


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