• Ann Bancroft, arctic explorer
  • Jodie Kidd
  • Son of George Bush
  • Prince Charles
  • Roger W. Wilkins: scholar and head of the Pulitzer Prize Board.
  • Princess Beatrice: Elder daughter of the Duke of York. Biography
"I have been given circumstances that anyone would wish for and I do believe that I must do something good with it. That was one of the reasons why I came out publicly to let people know I am dyslexic. It was my decision to do that because it is a problem helped by more people knowing about it." - Princess Beatrice
Article American princess: Beatrice aims for the Ivy League by T. Walker and R. Eden, News.telegraph, October 2005

"I had a problem at school. I think I am fine now but I think I did because it took me ages to read and no-one listens." - Duchess of York, mother of princess Beatrice.
Article BBC News, March 2005.