Here you find products which can provide you with further information, helping somebody to overcome the disadvantage of dyslexia and products which contribute to boost someone's self-esteem.

Famous People with Learning Disabilities = Great Examples
Those famous people are great examples. Their stories can contribute to creating more self-esteem, belief in oneself, and motivate everyone with a learning disability. 

Search engines

  • Google search engine
    • You can use your voice to search: open a new tab and you will see a blue microphone at the right of the search box; click on it and Google will ask you to "speak now". Speak your word, phrase or search terms. The results will be shown just like if you typed the search on your keyboard.
    • How to look up the meaning and pronunciation of a word in the Google search engine?
      • Type in the search bar the word "define" followed by the word you want defined
      • You then get the definition and the pronunciation of the the word you are looking for in a range of dictionaries, and probably reading a few result snippets will be enough
      • As an example: define perilous.

Email applications

  • Gmail
    • Has a spelling checker - support for 72 languages.
    • Has canned responses.These are tekst snippets you have made yourself and can be reused by adding the desired snippet in your mail. So less typing.
    • You can even dictate a email with Email Dictation.
      • Click its microphone icon in your Gmail inbox, and say what you want in your email. The extension turns your spoken words into written text in 32 different languages.

Spelling and grammar checkers in general

  • You can use these application to exercise your spelling.
  • To check your text by past and copy tekst form on application to another.
  • Even if you need to write some text on paper. Writ it first in the application who has a spelling and grammar checker and then copy the text to paper by hand.

Dictation application

  • To check you speaking.
    • You can use dictation application to check if you pronounced the word or sentences correctly or to check how others receives your speaking.
  • To writ