Musicians & vocalists

  • Beethoven
  • Brad Little
  • Cher
"I never read in school. I got really bad grades--D's and F's and C's in some classes, and A's and B's in other classes. In the second week of the 11th grade, I just quit. When I was in school, it was really difficult. Almost everything I learned, I had to learn by listening. My report cards always said that I was not living up to my potential."- Cher
  • John Lennon
  • Kurt Cobain: Song writer and lead singer, guitarist of the rock band Mirvana and art painter.
"You asked me what Kurt gave me, he gave me a very special gift. He made me feel good about myself when I looked in the Mirror; he taught me it was ok to be who I really was, and that I owed no one an explanation, for what and who I was. That's one Hell of a gift."- Richard Schock, November 2007, "His story"
  • Harry Belafonte
  • Mozart
  • Nigel Kennedy: Violinist
  • Noel Gallagher: Song writer and member of the band Oasis, biography
Noel's school life was problematic at best. While he was plainly a bright
young man, he battled with a minor case of dyslexia, which, topped with
the poor quality of Manchester's schools, was a dangerous combination.

"School didn't really hold anything for me," he explained later. "I knew
from a very early age what I wanted to be, I wanted to be a musician." - Noel Gallagher
"What I was bad at was spelling. Still am. Anything over six letters and that's me gone." - Noel Gallagher
Q: "Maybe you're dyslexic?"
A: "I am actually. Sometimes I give lyrics to Liam and the two key words of the sentence will be missing. When I gave him Don't Look Back In Anger, he's singing, "But don't back in anger, not today." I'm saying,"It's 'Don't look back in anger'." He's saying, "Well, that's not what's fucking written 'ere, chief." - Noel Gallagher
Interview Q Magazine feb 1996
  • Jewel
  • Bob Wier
  • Toyah Willcox: ex-pop star
"I am dyslexic and have to have special help with spelling and elocution. I didn't pass a single GCE. I think anyone can do anything if there is a will and enough self-esteem." - Toyah Willcox