Jenny Burm

Jenny BurmDo you like to know a bit more about the person behind this web site, why and how it started?

I'm Jenny Burm. I'm in born in Belgium in 1957 as the oldest of 4 children, 1 brother and 2 sisters. As up today I still live in Belgium, happily married for more than 20 years.
I like reading fiction because of my imagination, and non-fiction because I’m curious and want to learn. I can enjoy the little things in life. I like to understand people, their feelings and emotions which is probably the determining factor to my present goal.

I quitted school at the age of 15. Overall I didn't like school; I was a quite, average pupil. After leaving school I worked in a dry-clean service and bakery. A couple of years later I combined work with studying for podiatry. After finishing my studies, I have been self-employed as a podiatrist for 15 years. What I liked the most about this profession was the interaction with people and helping my patients by relief their pain and being "a listening ear".

In 1995 we moved to the Ardennes where I run a B&B for a few year. Until today I'm do the marketing for vacation rentals. In the mean while I do research on child development.

My data

I don’t know why, but I feel great when I see people who are at peace with themselves and others, as a kind of harmony. Therefore, it would be great for me if I could contribute to more understanding, respect and tolerance among people.

I want to use my abilities to search for ways to realize this harmony, so that people can reach their potential and happiness.

I seem to have a great ability to empathize with people. I can quickly understand all kinds of people, and build a nice relationship with them.

I’m also very persistent, like responsibilities, and want to see results.
By nature, I’m a realist, yet with a touch of fantasy, optimism, and enthusiasm. I’m also curious, have a variety of interests, like the overview but not the details. I’m intrigued in "why people act in certain ways".

I’m an independent person who doesn’t like control or details. I like to try things out on my own.

I like reading fiction because of my imagination, and non-fiction because I’m curious and want to learn. I can enjoy the little things in life.

My motivation to start this website

My biggest motivation was trying to help my nephew Maarten who in 2000, at the age of 8, was diagnosed as having both ADD and dyslexia. He is a very loving boy, who likes to help and please others. Yet he was sometimes so clumsy and inpatient it caused frustration for his surrounding. It was sad to see he didn't understand he wanted to help but often he did more harm then good. I observed nobody understood his behavior which caused frustration to all parties.

Furthermore, after my discovery having dyslexia I was so happy to know how I function and why certain things happened to me that I want it to share with everyone so they could have the same experience.

I want to thank my husband Paul Iliano for his motivation and help, and my brother-in-law Dirk Iliano for being a patient proofreader.

Being dyslexic

I discovered I had dyslexia at the age of 42. It was a positive experience to finally know the explanation for some aspects of my character.

In general, I was not so unhappy with myself, yet I wanted to improve certain skills, like being a better writer, reader, listener, being less confused and express myself more clearly. There were also a few things about myself which puzzled me. I expected to find some answers after my search for understanding dyslexia. After finding answers to those questions, it was like discovering a part of me that I didn't know before, I had the feeling I could piece it all together. Life is much easier if you know how you function.