Despite her dyslexia, MacGregor is a New-York Times best-selling author!


"The dyslexia is a bummer,” Kinley MacGregor (real name – Sherrilyn Kenyon) says, “as my copy-editors will tell you. My condition is so severe that is often manifests itself verbally.”

However, despite her severe condition, MacGregor has become a New York Times best-selling author, gaining fans all over the world. Her latest book, The Warrior, is being praised as her best. Suspenseful and riveting, this novel would be a feat for any author, but is a special success for one with dyslexia.

She hasn’t only overcome her difficulties, but thrived with them, and this is what gives hope to her many readers.

Do yourself a favor and check out this fabulous author (and her fabulous new book, The Warrior out December 26th!)"

Lauren Levy, 13th of December 2007.

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