Success stories

Success stories and experiences of people with dyslexia or an other learning disability.

Richard Branson: Founder of Virgin Enterprises.

Richard Branson's Virgin Success
The Incredible Triumph of an Enigmatic Entrepreneur
Articl by: John Shepler

Elisabeth Daniels Squire: Writer

Victor Villasenor: A success full writer and public speaker who had still problems reading at the age of 20 and tells his story about having dyslexia.

Girard Sagmiller: one man's story of his life with a learning disability. In elementary school Girard Sagmiller was diagnosed as mentally retarded by his teacher and school administrators, who recommended that his family institutionalize him. In reality he suffered from dyslexia, which can affect speech, reading, time perception, and can slow learning in some subjects. In his book, DYSLEXIA MY LIFE, Girard Sagmiller discusses his struggles to overcome the ignorance and prejudice of his friends, family and society in general, to succeed in school (getting his MBA), business and life. The book "Dyslexia my live"

The bookDespite her (Heather Long) dyslexia, student wins Rhodes" by Nancy Rabinowitz. The Boston Glob, Dec 28 2003.

"I can remember general ideas. But having to remember the exact phrase as it's written out is difficult. A lot of times with dyslexia you're mixing up the words. With dyslexia you really have to memorize words and what they look like and what they sound like." Heather Long.

"In grade school, I simply tried to be the class clown as a way to `shine,' since I could not do it via academics. Humor was a way to cope or a defense mechanism," Long wrote. Heather Long.

Dyslexic Bicyclist travels the world. Down the Road by Cindie Travis, November 2003. Books of Cindie Travis.